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Good to Great: SciComm Proven Tools & Strategies for Public Engagement

Communications isn’t rocket science, but couldn’t you use a boost?  Zoom in to NIM for master science communicator top tips to set up your campaign for bigger success. At this NIM talk, expert science communicator and international speaker Sara Poirier will dive deep into tools, tips & strategies to increase awareness, improve understanding, and/or drive […]

Future-Proofing Your Digital Marketing: SEO, Content & Social

April 2019 Rather than chasing algorithms, why not invest in future-proofing your digital marketing efforts? What can you do now that will pay off in the future: to keep Google happy, customers & prospects engaged & stay ahead of competitors? Wondering what’s coming next in digital marketing? Seeking to lay the groundwork ahead of your […]

First Impression to Lasting Relationships: Connecting Meaningfully with Your Customers/Clients

February 2019 Like love and cooking, marketing is all about timing — understanding what your web visitors, social media connections, and anyone interacting with you want when he/she wants is the key to connecting and converting. By understanding the Customer/client Lifecycle, you’ll be equipped to better connect, convert & delight with meaningful content and messaging, […]