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What’s Your Brand’s Story? Be Memorable to Connect, Engage & Grow

  Everyone loves a good story–In fact, messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts. So, how does a brand find its story & tell it in a way that captivates audiences? Hear beginner and expert-level insights on how your brand can fit into the framework of storytelling.   […]

Future-Proofing Your Digital Marketing: SEO, Content & Social

April 2019 Rather than chasing algorithms, why not invest in future-proofing your digital marketing efforts? What can you do now that will pay off in the future: to keep Google happy, customers & prospects engaged & stay ahead of competitors? Wondering what’s coming next in digital marketing? Seeking to lay the groundwork ahead of your […]

First Impression to Lasting Relationships: Connecting Meaningfully with Your Customers/Clients

February 2019 Like love and cooking, marketing is all about timing — understanding what your web visitors, social media connections, and anyone interacting with you want when he/she wants is the key to connecting and converting. By understanding the Customer/client Lifecycle, you’ll be equipped to better connect, convert & delight with meaningful content and messaging, […]

Podcast like a PRO: Get going, get listeners & grow your brand!

January 2019 Podcasting has become a mainstream and highly engaging way to reach audiences, on myriad topics — both personal and professional. With at least 73 million people listening to podcasts each month, this medium has become a powerful way to share information and reach audiences in a more personal way. Become a #NIMRI $upporting […]

Online Ads Showdown: Facebook vs Google vs Social vs Your $$

November 2018 Did you know that businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on digital advertising platforms such as Google Ads? The marketing industry is constantly expanding, and that includes the importance of digital ads. With key strategies and tips from PPC, Facebook, LinkedIn ads experts, you’ll be able […]

Field-Tested Tips & Tricks to Create Content and Amp Your SEO

September 2018 Tired of hearing the same common SEO advice on how to increase your website traffic? Join #NIMRI for a night of networking and hear from SEO expert Dan Shure as he transforms the complex topic of SEO into fresh tips & tricks that are easy to implement and deliver successful results! Become a […]

Monetize You: Multimedia Travel Pros’ & Influencers’ Insights

August 2018 Become a #NIMRI $upporting Member to watch the full presentation If you are already a $upporting Member, sign in below to view!   Sign in below to watch the expert talk!   Interested in joining the thriving movement of influencers and travel blogging but don’t know where to start? Join #NIMRI for a […]

Newport Interactive Marketing’s Open Mic Tips Night

Are you looking to get free tips that will help your business thrive? Join #NIMRI and share your expertise with potential employers/clients and network with other professionals from across Southern New England. This insightful event will be full of networking, learning and sharing with other professionals from the community. Topics will include SEO, social media, […]