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Online Ads Showdown: Facebook vs Google vs Social vs Your $$

Did you know that businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on digital advertising platforms such as Google Ads? The marketing industry is constantly expanding, and that includes the importance of digital ads. With key strategies and tips from PPC, Facebook, LinkedIn ads experts, you’ll be able to boost […]

Newport Interactive Marketing’s Open Mic Tips Night

Are you looking to get free tips that will help your business thrive? Join #NIMRI and share your expertise with potential employers/clients and network with other professionals from across Southern New England. This insightful event will be full of networking, learning and sharing with other professionals from the community. Topics will include SEO, social media, […]

Pricing: Tips & Tricks to Boost Profits & Grow Your Brand

IFeeling like you’re not in control of your business growth? However, you can get rid of these doubtful feelings by taking advantage of the aspects you do have control over, like price. Actually, You have way more control than you think. If you think you don’t, you won’t want to miss this crucial NIM talk […]

Get Seen! Videos & Visuals: Pro’s tips at your fingertips

Looking to amp your Instagram? How else can you capture your brand visually? How do you use those images to boost your brand online & beyond? Get straightforward answers to these & more from professional photographer and video specialist Scott Indermaur — plus tips & tricks you need be relevant in a world where: People […]

Emotional Intelligence’s Secret Success Strategies

Managing your emotions can become your greatest source of energy, motivation, connection, and influence. Do you want to increase your effectiveness under pressure? Enhance your creativity? Or maximize human capital? Now, more than ever, leaders, organizations, “marketers” and individuals need an understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence (EI). To succeed in today’s chaotic and changing […]

Gain Fresh Perspectives with Design Thinking

How Design Thinking Helps Design thinking is a creative process that uses human-centered design in generating innovative solutions to products, businesses and services. Design thinking starts with empathy to understand the end-user/client’s needs and feelings regarding the problem. It encourages radical collaboration among team members, and uses rapid prototyping, testing and iterating in order to […]