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10 Tips for Successful Remote Presentations

Stuck on endless video calls? Feel like every presentation leaves you more exhausted than the last? With the current global pandemic, presentation strategies have moved from IRL (in real life) to remote delivery. In fact, Zoom has added more than 2.2 million members in 2020. And with no clear end in remote working in sight, now is the time to skill up your virtual presentations.

Zoom in to NIM for national speaker, podcast host, and multi-NIM speaker John Picozzi’s top tips to achieve remote presentation success. At this NIM talk, John will dive into applicable tips that you can implement into every presentation!

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Expert Q&A Session | Oct. 29, 2020

#DeepDive Presentation | Oct. 22, 2020

Interactive Marketing Insights Show | Oct. 13, 2020

Activation Worksheet _ Expert Q&A _ Virtual Presentation
Join #NIMRI virtually to learn
  • How to properly prepare for your virtual presentation
  • How to create slides that work with streaming
  • To set-up your tech to ensure minimal interruptions

After This Deep Dive… You will confidently and successfully present virtually!

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Save these dates — Zoom details to come:

October 13 | 10 AM — Interactive Marketing Insights Podcast 

October 22 | 7 PM — #NIMRI Deep Dive 

TBA — Expert Q&A Workshop

#NIMRI workshop to apply these best practices to your brand(s) and get custom feedback from our expert speaker 

Meet John Picozzi

National speaker, Drupal podcast host, and multi-time NIM presenter John Picozzi serves as an Account Manager at Oomph with a background in technology. John helps clients navigate through the entire project process – from kick off, to launch, and beyond. 

Previously the Senior Drupal Architect at Oomph, John has years of experience building and leading successful, cutting edge web projects. He also has years of experience talking about those projects and educating a large variety of audiences. From the national stage of DrupalCon to local events like Newport Interactive Marketers, John has given a number of presentations in a variety of formats. 

10 Tips for Successful Remote Presentations

Thursday, October 22, 7-8 PM via Zoom