Since the early beginnings, Newport Interactive Marketing has always been dedicated to bringing valuable skills and information to Southern New England and connecting digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.

To better serve the NIM community, we are now offering the Newport Interactive Marketing $upporting Membership!

$upporting Members benefit from:

  • Unlimited Access

    To the NIM Presentation Library (video + slides) — currently 20+ recorded presentations

  • Self-Guided Learning

    If you aren’t able to attend the *free* NIM events, or simply want to re-listen to a presentation that really grabbed your attention, you can still educate yourself and your team on the latest digital marketing trends.

  • Speaker Topics Include

    Speaker topics covered range from
    – the latest WordPress plugins to improve your website
    – best practices for Facebook ads
    – implementing better management skills and with emotional intelligence
    – DIY your PR

Already a member?

  1. Unlimited access to NIM Professional Directory to find other pros in the area
  2. Significant savings on national and international conferences & trade shows
  3. Discounted live workshop fees for deeper dives into strategies & tactics
  4. Mastermind group access to collaborate with pros & peers
  5. LinkedIn Group access to get quick answers to questions and issues you may be facing
  6. Social-Promo-Support access to accumulate Likes, Shares & Reviews
  7. PR & speaker bureau support: Hone your speaking skills and be recognized as an expert
  8. Feature your expertise in NIM email blasts & on the NIM website
  9. Get mentioned in the #NIMRI Year-Ahead Tip Book