Better Business With Better Internet

At this #NIMRI event, a panel of local officials and hi-speed broadband experts discussed the significance of bringing fiber optics to Aquidneck Island. The Aquidneck Island Broadband Project is initiating speed tests around the Island and raising awareness among the community about fiber optics. This alternative serves as a faster and more efficient system than older broadband networks.

Meet The Panelists

  • Stuart Freiman– Director of Broadband at the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, and Program Director of Broadband Rhode Island
  • Andrew Cohill– President and CEO of Wide Open Networks and Design Nine. He is a broadband architect who has worked with many communities to build out similar successful projects.
  • Matthew Wainwright– Technology Director for the Town of Middletown, 2nd VP on the GMIS International Executive Board, BostonSIM Providence CIO Roundtable co-chair. Also, a key stakeholder in the Aquidneck Island Broadband Project.
  • Paul Carroll– Economic Development Director for the City of Newport and supporter of the Aquidneck Island Broadband Project
  • Ron Corriveau– Vice President of Business Development at COS Systems AB,

In the United States, more than 1,200 communities have fiber optics. Plus, Google is deploying gigabit networks in over a dozen more communities across the nation. The panelist’s engaged the audience by expressing the benefits of fiber optics and encouraging others to support the initiative for better Internet on Aquidneck Island.

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