Overcome Your Website Securities Worries

Make no mistake, if you own a website, however small or low-trafficked it is, you are a crucial piece to the overall internet ecosystem. How would it make you feel if your friend’s bank account was wiped out after they visited your site? Or if a self-replicating virus destroyed your visitor’s hard-drive after submitting a form to your marketing site? Again, that’s how critical you are to this environment and that’s how dangerous things could get if you’re not educated.

This talk will break down website security at its most fundamental level. However, it’s important to understand that there is no 100% solution out there, there never will be. Security is about technology, processes, and people, and we need to know how to mitigate risk in these areas.

Meet Adam Lamagna, Sales Consultant at Sucuri – top global website security firm.

Sales Consultant Adam Lamagna gives out best practices for keeping your website secure in an easy to understand manner.
Adam will discuss best practices for website security, let you know of your responsibility as a website owner, and hopefully make it less frustrating. We all know it can be difficult to understand the vast landscape that is website security, so this talk will cover:

  • Dispelling the myth of “why would anyone hack me?”
  • Understanding what a Firewall actually protects
  • Hosting and how it plays a role in website security
  • Different types of online threats (what is malware, DDoS, Brute Force?)
  • Essentials of website security (Passwords, updates, user roles, backups, etc.)
  • DIY tools to help mitigate risk and improve your online security posture
  • Resources for staying informed and being responsible

If you own or manage a website, whether it’s an e-commerce store, a blog, or just a simple marketing site, you need to know how to keep it protected and become a responsible steward of the world wide web!

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