Top Sales and Networking Habits: Kick Your ACT into High Gear!

Would you like twice as many sales in half the time? Not sure how to network or what to say to leave your prospect wanting what you have? Want to boost your sales in spite of socially distancing and lack of travel?

Interactive Marketing Insights Show | April 8, 2021

Whether you are B2B, B2C, B2G or just starting out, at this #NIMLive Workshop you’ll develop your personalized roadmap to apply: 

  1. Penny’s Success System that lands new leads, and
  2. How to skillfully convert those leads into sales
  3. The tools and apps that simplify and make the process doable
  4. How to tweak to fit your personality, lifestyle, and approach — even if you don’t have time for sales! 
  5. What should your post-sale experience be to nurture word-of-mouth & repeat business?

Newport Interactive Marketing shares expert insights that you can immediately apply to your business or organization from national and international presenters.

Get inspired, be motivated, conquer your fears, and kick your sales into high gear. In this workshop, you’ll map out YOUR custom plan to have prospects and sales CHASING YOU.

Meet Penny Tremblay

25 years ago Penny led her sales team into the Million Dollar Club and has applied these strategies to hundreds of brands: teaching, speaking, and writing about the processes and behaviors that hold business relationships together. Get inspired not only by her expertise but also prepare for a fun and interactive journey to building relationships that save time and maximize profit.

Rich Relationships Expert

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