The 2 Steps to Keeping Your Marketing Growing!

Surviving the pandemic professionally isn’t easy, and it isn’t over yet. We’ve got 2 keys to keeping customers and prospects engaged that you’ll definitely want in your toolkit as we motor through the next phase.

We think these two key points are so important that we distilled them into flash talks to share with you at #NIMLive this month. After the talks, we’ll open things up for a chat on any subject you’d like, and we’ll exchange insights for 2021 — there’s still lots of time to put these tools to work! Our programming is set through August and has a bunch of ideas that I think will really work for you — I’d also be intrigued to know what thoughts and plans you’ve got as well.

Flash Talk! Simple Steps to Boost Your Google Findability

Let’s face it, with the pause on in-person retail browsing, Google Maps may have just become your new HOMEPAGE. Let’s refresh how to optimize your business listing/map entry even more effectively, guided by the guru to thousands of successful local businesses: Mark Collins. 

Updating his #DeepDive #NIMLive talks from a year ago, Mark will share steps to boost your chances of getting found via traditional search, aka “search listings,” too.

Flash Talk! Why Email Still Rules & How to Get Yours Opened

The other pandemic survival strategy for small brands that we consider a MUST-DO (and do well) is email marketing. While open rates may have dropped this past year, sales via inboxes are up. Learn how you can stay effective and relevant to continue growing your reach and numbers with longtime trainer and tech specialist Ronda Sciolto from Help Me Rhonda. During this segment, Ronda sets her sights on your 2021 email marketing success!

After These #NIMLive Flash Talks… You will be able to implement learnings to grow your organization’s skills and value. If you’re working with a professional, gain the tools that will maximize their expertise. 

#NIMLive: The 2 Steps to Keeping Your Marketing Growing!

Have experience of your own on these topics? Bring your insights to help us build on what we’ll be learning. The NIM community is highly supportive and collaborative, and we welcome your expertise!

Can’t make that date? RSVP anyway for access to on-demand video/audio/slides & #ActivateSheet.

Meet Mark Collins: 

Mark has been a stalwart in programs to help businesses recover from the pandemic and has presented at major conferences like The Agents of Change as well as The Agents of Change podcast, which features all the major names in digital marketing. 

Owner of Mark works with web designers and agencies to get clients’ websites to generate sufficient traffic by attaining organic page one Google Local search rank.

His experienced track record of success for getting increased traffic to small-medium-sized business websites makes him the ideal speaker for this presentation.

Collins also develops website, blog, video, and social media content with a convincing call to action.  Mark is a frequent #NIM presenter & always brings a bevy of tips anyone can implement – no tech expertise required. 

Meet Ronda Sciolto

Ronda Sciolto has over 3 decades of experience in information technology providing systems software support and training. In 2015 Ronda founded 

Witty Solutions, LLC to pursue her passion for helping non-digital natives thrive in a digital world by overcoming the limitations that technology has placed on their lives and businesses. As HelpMeRonda.Tech, Ronda provides individual and group training, teaching boomer entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers email marketing systems and funnels via international online masterclasses and challenges.