Maximize Your Marketing: Unlock 3 Keys to Boost Email ROI

 For every $1 spent, email returns on average $42. Social media’s ROI is not only harder to measure but also pales in comparison. Using Mailchimp as a backdrop is very affordable and free with more limited capabilities. With #NIMLive, learn how far email marketing can take your business or organization. Are you B2B? B2C? or B2W(hat ever)? Yes, email still rules.

Whether you are managing email marketing yourself or have someone else, you need to know how to maximize your email marketing now.

Want to dip your toes before the deep-dive? Wondering if this talk is right for you? Catch Suzanne interviewing Ronda on the Interactive Marketing Insights Show!

Interactive Marketing Insights Show | May 13, 2021

#DeepDive Presentation | May 25, 2021

Here’s what you’ll learn and be able to apply to maximize your email marketing:

  1. Shepherding prospects to customers to fans: How to personalize your emails for loyalty & growth
  2. Steps to save time: What is Automation & how “Drip Marketing” works 
  3. See what’s working: Which tools can be integrated to support ECommerce & ROI

Newport Interactive Marketing shares expert insights that you can immediately apply to your business or organization from national and international presenters.

Meet Ronda Sciolto: 

Ronda Sciolto has over 3 decades of experience in information technology providing systems software support and training. In 2015 Ronda founded Witty Solutions, LLC to pursue her passion for helping non-digital natives thrive in a digital world by overcoming the limitations that technology has placed on their lives and businesses.

As HelpMeRonda.Tech, Ronda provides individual and group training, teaching boomer entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers email marketing systems and funnels via international online masterclasses and challenges.