12 Quick Keys to Grow Your Business

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12 Quick Keys to Grow Your Business 

Learn a dozen quick ways to see an immediate impact on your marketing: 

  • Get found on Google: 4 fast tweaks to game Google
  • Seal the deal with email: 4 easy ways to boost your email marketing
  • Convert customers to fans: 4 quick tactics to make reviews work for you

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12 Quick Keys to Grow Your Business


Keys to Grow Your Business #NIMLive Founder Marketing Solutionist Suzanne McDonald New Media International Business Award WinnerMeet Marketing Solutionist Suzanne McDonald

Multi-award-winning Marketing Solutionist Suzanne McDonald guides growth-seeking brands to their full potential, improving lives of: clients, their customers and colleagues, as well as her students and vast network of expert partners.

As CEO of Angles & Insights, the former Boston Globe journalist and her team customize digital marketing solutions for businesses, nonprofits, solopreneurs, and sales-marketing teams. 

Suzanne also founded and curates Newport Interactive Marketing networking-learning community — bringing expert speakers’ insights to local businesses, agencies & nonprofits — and has developed & hosted 120+ in-person and virtual events, backed by an intern. Learn from Suzanne’s multimedia streams, including: the Interactive Marketing Insights Show & Digital Marketing Career Success Tips. 

Meet Local SEO Expert Mark Collins 

Keys to Grow Your Business Mark Collins OnWebLocal Local SEO Expert Mark Collins has been a stalwart in programs to help businesses recover from the pandemic and has presented at major conferences like The Agents of Change as well as The Agents of Change podcast, which features all the major names in digital marketing. 

Owner of OnWebLocal.com Mark works with web designers and agencies to get clients’ websites to generate sufficient traffic by attaining organic page one Google Local search rank.

His experienced track record of success for getting increased traffic to small-medium-sized business websites makes him the ideal speaker for this presentation. Collins also develops website, blog, video, and social media content with a convincing call to action.  Mark is a frequent #NIM presenter & always brings a bevy of tips anyone can implement – no tech expertise required. 

Meet Email Marketing Guru Ronda Sciolto 

Keys to Grow Your Business Email Marketing Guru Ronda Sciolto Ronda Sciolto has over 3 decades of experience in information technology providing systems software support and training. In 2015 Ronda founded Witty Solutions, LLC to pursue her passion for helping non-digital natives thrive in a digital world by overcoming the limitations that technology has placed on their lives and businesses.

As HelpMeRonda.Tech, Ronda provides individual and group training, teaching boomer entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers email marketing systems and funnels via international online masterclasses and challenges.

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