Know Before Paying for Web Services

In February, internet expert Francisco Samuel explained to NIM what we’re doing right, wrong, and what we could be doing better. We learned how to avoid being overcharged on development, domains, and hosting. We also found out the secrets to search engine optimization with quick tips on how to enhance your website without getting cheated out of your money.

Audiences learned all about:

  • Internet Consultants (Who is good? What is a good price?)
  • Mobile sites (my website on the iPhone, iPad, & other mobile devices )
  • SEO (search engine optimizations)
  • Domains & Hosting (Must I pay?)
  • Analytics (How to track your traffic)
  • Launch, Maintain, Blog, & Repeat (Ways to keep the flow of your site)

Francisco Samuel was a great guide to being web smart! #NIMRI better understand what services you should get for the price you pay and how to avoid spending $$$ for web services. This NIM talk was empowering and taught audiences to make better decisions for the future of their businesses.

Meet Francisco Samuel

Francisco Samuel helps business owners become aware of the inexpensive web services available to them.
BS Computer Science 1987 from UMass Dartmouth (SMU)

10+ years in software development and project management

5+ years in internet development & dot com

3+ years teaching CS and soft skills at ITT Tech

Started Abacus Software in 1995

Hobbies: golf, cycling, photography

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