Why Google+ Works, Even Rocks, for Business

Ed King of 02809 Photography described how Google+ boosted business by 75% as of last month, and how the platform can work for you.

At this NIM media pow-wow, Ed answered questions such as:

  • Am I only talking to myself?
  • Confused about circles?
  • Why bother with Google+ when I’m on Facebook?
  • How do Hangouts work and can they boost my bottom line?

King convinced you why Google Plus Business pages are a quick and powerful way to enhance your marketing strategy. Then, he shared with you tested Google+ strategies through his personal social media and business experience.

Ed explained what works and what doesn’t work within the network. He also explained the benefit of network expansion and how Google+ not only increased his business but improved his overall internet marketing presence.

About Ed King

Ed King is a local photographer who owns and operates 02809 Photography by Ed King. He also has 15 years of experience in business-to-business sales and marketing, working with clients such as Partners Healthcare & Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the former chapter president of East Bay B.N.I. Ed became active in social media in 1990 when he worked with America Online and in a content development role for iVillage.

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