Clearly, 2020 was all about triage. But let’s not let all progress get swept away by Covid this year.

In a time full of uncertainty, we look forward to this new year for positivity and hope for what’s to come. In this first-of-its-kind workshop, Newport Interactive Marketing will support your quest for success in 2021.

Join Newport Interactive Marketing & Coaching and Consulting expert Elisabeth Swain to discuss how you can establish and achieve your goals throughout 2021.  

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Log into Zoom for some camaraderie and gain some skills that will serve you through thick and thin in these crazy  Corona times.

  • Join #NIMRI virtually to learn
    • How to set up systems that make sense during the pandemic
    • How to bring awareness that allows for fluidity of life 
    • How to set reflexive goals for mindful accountability 
    • How to establish your microtasks to achieve larger goals
After This … You will take your goals and learn how to achieve them, even if it does take longer. This is a new year to feel more in control and mindful of your priorities and well-being in 2021. 

View the slides above from the event.

Staying Productive and Resilient Through 2021

Learn about where both Suzanne McDonald and Elisabeth Swain are currently at as professionals & SMB owners; including common stress-busters!

Let’s roll up our sleeves and take back 2021!

Meet Elisabeth Swain

Educator, writer, consultant, and development professional. Elisabeth Swain is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a commitment to helping others live a life that is mission-driven, joyful and connected.

In each of her roles, Elisabeth helps her clients to take on the myriad of opportunities and challenges they face and then create actionable plans to achieve success. With 20 years of experience delivering professional development programs, Elisabeth is excited to join Newport Interactive Marketers for this timely program.

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