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Spend Wisely: Big-Brand Insights to Move YOUR Needle

As we enter the 2020s, it is now undeniable that digital marketing and social media are going to be at the forefront of business. Actually, that’s already the case, and if you’re not already optimizing your digital marketing strategies, then that means you are getting left behind.


But it’s not too late!



NIM’s panel of marketing experts are here to demystify the social media age and help you understand how to take advantage of digital marketing and SEO to make your business more successful.

 At this NIMRI event, you will learn about:

  • Current successful digital and social strategies, and what to focus on going into 2020
  • How big brands apply the fundamentals – which affordable tools can inform personas and solve customer problems
  • Affordable tools and achievable tactics
  • Overlooked opportunities
  • The power of Facebook and ads and local SEO
  • Utilizing influencers – what lessons can we learn about connection and messaging?
  • And, of course, get your answers!

Top experts are here to answer your questions and provide New Media insights – and since it is always evolving, there is always more to learn! Join #NIMRI at Spend Wisely: Big-Brand Insights to Move YOUR Needle on June 20th from 6-8 PM at Innovate Newport, the former Sheffield School on Broadway is open!



Meet Ronni Kenoian

Ronni Kenoian is the marketing manager for leading travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip. She oversees the digital marketing of the InsureMyTrip brand, including consumer insights, content strategy, paid search/social advertising, social outreach, and earned media strategy. She also has been intimately involved in a number of new product ideas and development efforts and has been closely aligned with customer needs. Given the demonstrated power of big data, Ronni also leverages the company’s current capabilities to help reinforce the brand. Ronni believes merging creative and technology into cross-functional teams and roles is essential to better executing a winning marketing strategy with long-lasting results.


Meet Kevin Vine

Kevin T. Vine is a marketing strategist and Director of Customer Experience at Colette with a passion for all things digital and social. With his senior experience in the field he manages teams and client accounts, and also focuses on building and maintaining business relationships. His campaigns are always data-driven and customer-oriented as he specializes in digital strategy and customer experience optimization. His experiences also extends to consumer insights, content strategy, and communications development; and of course, he always stays on top of new media trends and technologies.





Meet Ana Raynes

Ana Raynes is a thought-leader in the fields of social media and content marketing. Her creative mind led her to study at the London College of Fashion, after which she co-founded the Internet fashion startup Smart is Cool. Raynes has been a motivational speaker as well as an expert in e-marketing, including social media, content marketing, and information technology. She is currently the Vice President of Content Marketing at Didit. She oversees the content marketing needs of agencies and clients across multiple platforms. Raynes also does strategic planning, business development, and strategic growth for social media and SEO. She maintains relationships with bloggers and influencers to keep up with current trends, and to help with her own campaigns.



Newport Interactive Marketing

Web marketing specialists welcome traditional marketers, small businesses, and beyond for quality education and great networking … right here in Newport!

 Newport Interactive Marketing is

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Field-Tested Tips & Tricks to Create Content and Amp Your SEO

Tired of hearing the same common SEO advice on how to increase your website traffic? Join #NIMRI for a night of networking and hear from SEO expert Dan Shure as he transforms the complex topic of SEO into fresh tips & tricks that are easy to implement and deliver successful results!

Adapt practical SEO techniques to help you succeed, such as:

  • Using free browser plugins like Keywords Everywhere and Moz to do analysis on SERPs for ranking opportunities.
  • “Stealing” content ideas from your competitors
  • How to actually provide useful navigation and “supplementary” content.
  • A “field tested” system that actually gets results – and has nothing to do with “stuffing” keywords into your headers or tweaking meta tags.
  • Actual LIVE demos of tools like; SEMrush, KeywordKeg, Search Console and live SERP analysis — showing practical real-world applications of tools (not just theoretical).

Get the answers to all your SEO questions and learn the feasible strategies that can help improve your results. Whether you’re launching a new site, or looking to enhance an existing one, don’t miss out on this FREE talk.

Meet Dan Shure

Dan Shure is co-owner of Evolving SEO with his wife Sarah and is the host of “Experts On The Wire” – an SEO Podcast. He has helped companies like WGBH, Ring Video Doorbell, Healthy Hearing and more solve challenging SEO problems since 2007.

Dan is a MOZ Associate and was recently given a prominent mention in Rand Fishkin’s new book “Lost and Founder” advice he gave for Moz’s popular Keyword Explorer tool).

As a Podcast host, Dan has interviewed more than 90 marketing experts including Brian Dean (Backlinko) John Mueller (Google), and Pamela Wilson (CopyBlogger). Dan has presented at notable groups and conferences such as SMX East, Affiliate Summit, Mozcation Portsmouth, Carnegie Conference, SEMNE, and Content Jam.

Networking at 6

Presentation begins at 7

Eventbrite - Field-Tested Tips & Tricks to Create Content & Amp Your SEO

Newport Interactive Marketing

Web marketing specialists welcome traditional marketers, small businesses, and beyond for quality education and great networking … right here in Newport!

Newport Interactive Marketing is
sponsored by Angles & Insights & Designated Editor


Newport Interactive Marketing’s Open Mic Tips Night

Are you looking to get free tips that will help your business thrive? Join #NIMRI and share your expertise with potential employers/clients and network with other professionals from across Southern New England. This insightful event will be full of networking, learning and sharing with other professionals from the community. Topics will include SEO, social media, and digital marketing.

If you’re looking to get to know marketers, graphic designers, SEO gurus, PR pros, project managers, developers, creatives — or just to pick up a few tips,  join us!

Experience the collective wisdom the NIM community has to offer & share your own expertise as well!

What’s involved?

1 quick 2-minute tip that would help other businesses/nonprofits. Whether it’s SEO, design, Facebook, time-savings. No PowerPoint nor anything fancy. Just an opportunity to showcase your brand and your expertise.

Feel free to invite … friends, colleagues, clients, and bosses who can benefit, too. There will be great food and drinks for purchase, and plenty of networking for free! Even if you’re not doing the marketing yourself, help optimize your team with insights from NIM.

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John Picozzi shares his best tips and tricks on free web services that you can use to help grow your brand.

20 Tips for Success: Web dev’s top picks & recs & free tools

With technology advancements moving at lightning speed, it’s important to stay up on the latest and greatest web tools that will set your business up for success. Not only a multi-presenter at NIM and national conference presenter, John Picozzi has lead web projects for household brand names. Also a JWU adjunct professor & podcaster, John will be sharing his pro tips for not only managing your website but also managing your business.

Come with your questions and learn some helpful free services to make your tech and web life easier. In this NIM talk, you’ll learn 20 innovative tips like:

  • Which new and exciting tools and services available to you that can help your business run better.
  • How to get the most out of web services or tools.
  • Why certain tools are better than others depending on your business.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a sole entrepreneur, you won’t want to miss this FREE talk that will provide you with information you need to use web tools to your advantage. And bring your questions!

Meet John Picozzi

As a Senior Drupal Architect at Oomph, John Picozzi’s claim to fame is being the resident Drupal enthusiast. It’s important to him to be part of the Drupal community, and at-large, in every way he can. Sharing knowledge, staying curious, and trying new things is definitely the name of the game.

Additionally, John is an Acquia-certified Site Builder, Drupal podcaster, and an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI. His Drupal work includes projects for CVS Caremark, Leica Geosystems, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Marriott International. One of his favorite activities is sharing what he has learned.

After receiving his degree in web development and internet commerce from Johnson & Wales University, he was invited back to mold young minds in the Graphic Design & Digital Media department, which is something he finds really rewarding.

The growing in-house team is a Drupal force to be reckoned with, and John is proud to lead that effort. He is a co-organizer of the Drupal Providence Meetup, which takes place at Oomph, and of New England Drupal Camp. He also co-hosts the bi-weekly Talking Drupalpodcast that you should check out.

Suzi Nance talking with NIM members on the ways that you can balance your personal and professional life.

Perfecting the Balancing Act: Insights on Professional & Personal Organization

Interested in starting up a new business, while still managing your other profession? Looking to gain insights into any and all aspects of organization? For many, the idea of balancing two professions at once can be daunting. However, if done right, it can be achievable and even rewarding.

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Break through this misconceived idea that juggling two professions simultaneously is unattainable. Learn the practical tools and strategies to make starting a new business doable and very rewarding from international speaker, Suzi Nance. At this FREE Newport Interactive Marketers event you’ll:

  • Create a mission statement for both professions
  • Discover cross-pollination
  • Identify scheduling opportunities
  • Implement a new action plan

Whether you’re interested in starting a new business while keeping your current job or just looking to gain insights on balancing any and all aspects of your life: Get inspired at this FREE talk.

Meet Suzi Nance

Suzi Conklin Nance is both a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Also, she is a life coach and motivational/inspirational speaker. Founder of Newport Center for Hypnotherapy, Suzi is also the second-generation President of Capitol Realty Company, a leading real estate firm in Newport RI. Here for over 50 years, her team of 6 have enjoyed the success that comes with a reputation of exceptional client service. Suzi’s broad and rich knowledge and experience allow her the credentials to speak authentically on a variety of topics. These include topics relevant to business, non-profits, student, and personal empowerment. Her passion, humor, energy, and conviction allow her the ability to transform audiences. Suzi empowers attendees with the tools to be agents of change…in their lives, their businesses, and the world!



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Scott Indermaur discusses the best practices for using photography to your advantage in a tech-savvy world.

Get Seen! Videos & Visuals: Pro’s tips at your fingertips

Looking to amp your Instagram? How else can you capture your brand visually? How do you use those images to boost your brand online & beyond?

Get straightforward answers to these & more from professional photographer and video specialist Scott Indermaur — plus tips & tricks you need be relevant in a world where:

  • People remember 80% of what they see vs. 20% of what they read & 10% of what they hear.
  • Instagram engagement is 10x Facebook. 71% of brands are expected to be on Instagram in 2018.
  • By 2019, video content will comprise 80% of global Internet consumption.

With visuals to show you how you’ll learn

  • How to frame your images and video for mobile consumption
  • Which digital &  social media channels and tools to use to save time
  • Tips & tricks to be motivated and keep your brand relevant
  • Strategies & processes to keep the images flowing

Whether you’re a photographer wanting to sharpen your digital edge or a thrifty entrepreneur with no budget, or simply looking to expand your personal skillset: Don’t miss this FREE talk.

Stay relevant in this ever-visual world we aim to succeed in with NIM.

To kickoff 2018 and heading into NIM’s 10th year, we welcome back professional photographer and video specialist Scott Indermaur for his 3x time speaking at NIM.

Meet Scott Indermaur

With 20+ years of photography and video experience, Scott Indermaur has built his career sharing stories through visuals. His gift lies in discovering the familiar in the exotic and the remarkable in the ordinary. Also, he is the backbone and member of the Indermaur Media team, serving clients like BCBS of Rhode Island, Black & Decker, Ryder, Land Rover and IBM,  plus titans of the financial industry. Returning to his photojournalism roots from his early days, Scott remains very involved in creating multimedia stories.

Fly over the common bumps in the photography business, whether you’re an events/wedding specialist, commercial, corporate, or a veteran photographer. Stop struggling and enjoy your business and your craft with time-tested and proven wisdom from a 25-year photography veteran who’s living the life he loves. It’s free to call.

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Podcasters Share Their Success Secrets

Podcasting has become a strong platform to communicate your message and expertise to a wider audience. Whether you are considering starting a podcast or thinking of ways to improve one, or interested in being a guest, get your fill of tips from the experts!

After networking with fun & friendly professionals, hear from an expert panel of experienced podcasters. They’ll discuss why podcasting is key to their success & how you can get in the action. Whether you’re starting one or looking to expand your reach as a guest, you’ll want to hear these insights including:

  • Getting your podcast started
  • How to engage with your podcast’s audience
  • How to perfect the content of your podcast
  • Ways to record and post your podcast
  • What would make a good show
  • How to build your podcast audience & your brand

Meet the Expert Podcasters Panel

John Picozzi

john-picozziJohn Picozzi is an original host of the podcast Talking Drupal, which is recorded bi-weekly via Google Hangouts and has produced 135 episodes since its premiere in 2013. Also, He is an avid listener of the podcasts This Week in Tech and The Big Web Show. John enjoys using the podcast medium to share and explore his deep knowledge of web engineering and computer science. Additionally, John is a Senior Drupal Architect at Oomph, a Providence digital design and development agency. He has worked on projects for Marriott International, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Leica Geosystems. A frequent NIM contributor from the audience or the stage, John is also an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales University and a co-organizer of the Drupal Providence Meetup.

Matt Medeiros

matt-medeirosMatt Medeiros is the co-founder of Slocum Studio, the host of the Matt Report WordPress podcast, and the podcast trainer at He has produced more than 200 audio podcasts and around 400 videos in the span of five years. Also, Matt has also presented at several NIM events since its founding in 2009.

Helena Harris

helena-harrisHelena Harris is a veteran podcaster (and avid equestrian). She co-founded the Horse Radio Network in 1998 with one show and just 12 listeners. Today, HRN logs more than 10 million episode downloads each year, with subscribers in 42 countries. Additionally, Helena has hosted and produced four shows on HRN, as well as her new, independent podcast, That Newport Show, a lifestyle podcast about love, life, and adventure in Newport, Rhode Island.

That Newport Show launched in March of 2016 and is produced under the umbrella of Helena’s marketing firm, Sparkle and Boom, which provides outsourced expertise in marketing and communications. Prior to her freelance career, Helena served as a product marketing manager in the tech industry for companies like Sybase/SAP, Thomson Financial, and EBSCO Publishing. She left corporate life behind after becoming a mother. She found that working independently was a great fit for her creative spirit. Trading high rises for hay lofts, she now runs Sparkle and Boom from an office in Little Compton that looks an awful lot like a barn.

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Newport Interactive Marketing

Trade Tips & Network at Newport Interactive Marketer’s Open Mic Night!

Network, Learning, Sharing & More at #NIMRI’s Open Mic Tip Night!

After the incredible success of NIM’s Open Mic Tip Nights in the past, we are very excited to once again host an insightful evening of networking, learning & sharing. We’ll be covering topics such as the latest in SEO, social media, project management & more. Join us & experience the collective wisdom the #NIMRI community has to offer, share your own bit of expertise & network with other RI professionals!

What’s involved?

Just 1 quick 2-minute tip that would help other businesses/nonprofits, whether it’s SEO, design, Facebook, time-savings. No powerpoint or anything fancy. Just an opportunity to showcase your brand and your know-how.

This event is not to be missed!

Missed this great talk? Learn more about video & visuals and more via the NIM media library!

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Sales Consultant Adam Lamagna gives out best practices for keeping your website secure in an easy to understand manner.

Overcome Your Website Securities Worries

Make no mistake, if you own a website, however small or low-trafficked it is, you are a crucial piece to the overall internet ecosystem. How would it make you feel if your friend’s bank account was wiped out after they visited your site? Or if a self-replicating virus destroyed your visitor’s hard-drive after submitting a form to your marketing site? Again, that’s how critical you are to this environment and that’s how dangerous things could get if you’re not educated.

This talk will break down website security at its most fundamental level. However, it’s important to understand that there is no 100% solution out there, there never will be. Security is about technology, processes, and people, and we need to know how to mitigate risk in these areas.

Meet Adam Lamagna, Sales Consultant at Sucuri – top global website security firm.

Sales Consultant Adam Lamagna gives out best practices for keeping your website secure in an easy to understand manner.
Adam will discuss best practices for website security, let you know of your responsibility as a website owner, and hopefully make it less frustrating. We all know it can be difficult to understand the vast landscape that is website security, so this talk will cover:

  • Dispelling the myth of “why would anyone hack me?”
  • Understanding what a Firewall actually protects
  • Hosting and how it plays a role in website security
  • Different types of online threats (what is malware, DDoS, Brute Force?)
  • Essentials of website security (Passwords, updates, user roles, backups, etc.)
  • DIY tools to help mitigate risk and improve your online security posture
  • Resources for staying informed and being responsible

If you own or manage a website, whether it’s an e-commerce store, a blog, or just a simple marketing site, you need to know how to keep it protected and become a responsible steward of the world wide web!

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