Desired Results Require Effective Delegation

Next up: Productivity expert Margo Crawford Guides us through effective delegation for yourself, your brand, and your future. Be ready to Help more clients with systems that scale. 

Like never before your current or near-future knowhow will soon be in greatest demand. Interactive / digital / virtual / remote / online will carry many brands through the post-Corona era. Will you be ready to support your fellow business owners and grow your brand? 

Join NIMRI to apply expert insights to 

  • Bring sanity to your new normal — successful strategies for yourself and influencing others 
  • Implement achievable Organizing & prioritizing tips and tricks quickly and effectively 
  • Communicate more effectively and efficiently — which tools and strategies make sense and reduce friction 
  • Is it you or them? How to tell what can be fixed or not in a virtual working relationship and what to do next. 

Why bother?

  1. Build systems that enable you to support more businesses as they recover, without being overwhelmed.
  2. Step Closer to the work-from-home dream you’ve envisioned with less stress and greater productivity with this free #NIMRI expert series segments. 

And be sure to bring your questions and insights — now via Zoom, the Newport Interactive Marketing networking-learning community — enables us to be as interactive as ever.


Meet Margo Crawford

Margo Crawford is a master at helping her clients create a thriving workspace and sparking immediate action with her audiences. Margo has been in the productivity and organizing industry for over 15 years. She has gone through numerous trainings for her work. With the Institute of Applied Coaching, an accredited program through the International Coaching Federation, Margo received her certification as a C.O.C-Certified Organizer Coach. She received her Specialist Certificate through the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).

Margo is experienced and trained in many different methodologies enabling her to create tailored solutions for her audiences and individual clients. Before long they’re reporting a dramatic increase in productivity and well-being, excited to be performing at a higher level. People walk out of her workshops, conferences, and coaching sessions feeling that they have a sharper focus, better tools, and a clearer direction on work and life.


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