100% Networking- The Ever-Popular Annual NIM Event

Don’t miss the most popular NIM of the year!! Joining in once again is Newport County Chamber Connections — the folks with the awesome door prizes, AMP-RI, PRSA, & more!

AMP-RI, founded in 2009, stands for advertising, marketing, and PR. The monthly meetings that are held, vary from highlighting expert speakers, to members of AMP-RI to sharing their thoughts and create concepts with the help of one another.

The Newport County Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization. It encompasses over 1,100 member companies, and more than 50,000 workers throughout the surrounding Rhode Island areas. It is known as one of the largest business advocacy organizations. This nonprofit is designed to enhance the business, civic and economic vitality of Newport County and greater Rhode Island.

PRSA stands for Public Relations Society of America. The society is committed to helping its membership stay ahead of industry trends. This includes thought, leadership, career-enhancing initiatives, and providing networking opportunities for their members.

Whether you’re a start-up company or the oldest nonprofit in the area, meeting new people can be key. You may find that one person who can build a partnership with your brand, offer essential marketing intel, or connect you to the biggest name in your field.

Come on out for a fun night with NIM! Meet some fantastic professionals and entrepreneurs & gather some tips to help your brand thrive.

Missed this great talk? Learn more about video & visuals and more via the NIM media library!

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