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John Picozzi shares his best tips and tricks on free web services that you can use to help grow your brand.

20 Tips for Success: Web dev’s top picks & recs & free tools

With technology advancements moving at lightning speed, it’s important to stay up on the latest and greatest web tools that will set your business up for success. Not only a multi-presenter at NIM and national conference presenter, John Picozzi has lead web projects for household brand names. Also a JWU adjunct professor & podcaster, John will be sharing his pro tips for not only managing your website but also managing your business.

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Come with your questions and learn some helpful free services to make your tech and web life easier. In this NIM talk, you’ll learn 20 innovative tips like:

  • Which new and exciting tools and services available to you that can help your business run better.
  • How to get the most out of web services or tools.
  • Why certain tools are better than others depending on your business.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a sole entrepreneur, you won’t want to miss this FREE talk that will provide you with information you need to use web tools to your advantage. And bring your questions!

Meet John Picozzi

As a Senior Drupal Architect at Oomph, John Picozzi’s claim to fame is being the resident Drupal enthusiast. It’s important to him to be part of the Drupal community, and at-large, in every way he can. Sharing knowledge, staying curious, and trying new things is definitely the name of the game.

Additionally, John is an Acquia-certified Site Builder, Drupal podcaster, and an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI. His Drupal work includes projects for CVS Caremark, Leica Geosystems, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Marriott International. One of his favorite activities is sharing what he has learned.

After receiving his degree in web development and internet commerce from Johnson & Wales University, he was invited back to mold young minds in the Graphic Design & Digital Media department, which is something he finds really rewarding.

The growing in-house team is a Drupal force to be reckoned with, and John is proud to lead that effort. He is a co-organizer of the Drupal Providence Meetup, which takes place at Oomph, and of New England Drupal Camp. He also co-hosts the bi-weekly Talking Drupalpodcast that you should check out.


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Francisco Samuel helps business owners become aware of the inexpensive web services available to them.

Know Before Paying for Web Services

In February, internet expert Francisco Samuel explained to NIM what we’re doing right, wrong, and what we could be doing better. We learned how to avoid being overcharged on development, domains, and hosting. We also found out the secrets to search engine optimization with quick tips on how to enhance your website without getting cheated out of your money.

Audiences learned all about:

  • Internet Consultants (Who is good? What is a good price?)
  • Mobile sites (my website on the iPhone, iPad, & other mobile devices )
  • SEO (search engine optimizations)
  • Domains & Hosting (Must I pay?)
  • Analytics (How to track your traffic)
  • Launch, Maintain, Blog, & Repeat (Ways to keep the flow of your site)

Francisco Samuel was a great guide to being web smart! #NIMRI better understand what services you should get for the price you pay and how to avoid spending $$$ for web services. This NIM talk was empowering and taught audiences to make better decisions for the future of their businesses.

Meet Francisco Samuel

Francisco Samuel helps business owners become aware of the inexpensive web services available to them.
BS Computer Science 1987 from UMass Dartmouth (SMU)

10+ years in software development and project management

5+ years in internet development & dot com

3+ years teaching CS and soft skills at ITT Tech

Started Abacus Software in 1995

Hobbies: golf, cycling, photography

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