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Flash Talks Over Newport Harbor: Maximizing Reviews, Podcast Guesting, Woo-ing Influencers

  • Wondering how you can engage influencers?
  • Which big brand social media insights can you adapt?
  • Considering becoming a guest on a podcast?
  • How can you gain and maximize online reviews of your brand?

Eliciting & maximizing online reviews

You’ll learn about:

  • How to get reviews for Yelp, Google, Facebook, and more
  • Top tips to create a review-gen process
  • Templates, best practices, tricks, etc.
  • How to respond to negative reviews
  • How to populate your reviews

Be empowered to maximize your reviews with the right tools, strategies, and a checklist of to-dos.

Meet Darwin Liu!


Darwin Liu is a 10-year digital marketing veteran and an avid website investor.  He doesn’t know all the right marketing answers but he’s definitely made enough wrong ones to know what not to do.

Darwin the owner of  xagency.com, an invite-only e-commerce agency, the go-to marketing guy for 30+ small businesses and the founder of Smallbusinessmarketing.com, which is coming soon!

Woo-ing Influencers, Marriott Style

NIM members include some serious social media pros & we’re thrilled to have Marriott International’s very rare social media coordinator sharing her insights, including

  • How Marriott uses social media to create touchpoints throughout the purchasing process
  • Opportunities to find & engage influencers
  • How to evaluate various social channels to promote your brand — Alexa manages 23 channels!
  • Ways to maximize your events with social media

Meet Alexa Furtado!


Strategizing & fulfilling demand for 23 social media and customer review channels, Alexa Furtado is the Social Media Coordinator for the Newport Marriott hotel, three restaurants, and a spa and fitness center. A longtime NIM member, Alexa is one of Marriott Americas division’s few social media coordinators, created after the Newport Marriott’s $40 million renovations began in 2014. Alexa previously worked in nonprofit marketing, public relations, and event management.

Becoming an expert guest, podcast-style

According to Pew Research, 21% of Americans over age 12 have listened to a podcast in the past month. With more than 60,000 podcasts to choose from, including a podcast specifically for pizzerias, the opportunity is ripe. Another fab NIM asset, Jessica will share her flash insights, including

  • Why being a guest expert on podcasts is a great way to build your brand
  • Tips on how to get started and be an ideal podcast guest
  • How to position yourself as an asset to the podcast hosts

Meet Jessica Rhodes!


Jessica Rhodes is the founder & CEO of Interview Connections,  the leading guest-booking agency for podcasters and guest experts.  Jessica is has been a speaker at Podcast Movement, Podfest.us, and Dream Business Academy.

Come on out for a fun night with NIM: meet some fantastic professionals and entrepreneurs & gather some tips to help your brand thrive.

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Podcasters Share Their Success Secrets

Podcasting has become a strong platform to communicate your message and expertise to a wider audience. Whether you are considering starting a podcast or thinking of ways to improve one, or interested in being a guest, get your fill of tips from the experts!

After networking with fun & friendly professionals, hear from an expert panel of experienced podcasters. They’ll discuss why podcasting is key to their success & how you can get in the action. Whether you’re starting one or looking to expand your reach as a guest, you’ll want to hear these insights including:

  • Getting your podcast started
  • How to engage with your podcast’s audience
  • How to perfect the content of your podcast
  • Ways to record and post your podcast
  • What would make a good show
  • How to build your podcast audience & your brand

Meet the Expert Podcasters Panel

John Picozzi

john-picozziJohn Picozzi is an original host of the podcast Talking Drupal, which is recorded bi-weekly via Google Hangouts and has produced 135 episodes since its premiere in 2013. Also, He is an avid listener of the podcasts This Week in Tech and The Big Web Show. John enjoys using the podcast medium to share and explore his deep knowledge of web engineering and computer science. Additionally, John is a Senior Drupal Architect at Oomph, a Providence digital design and development agency. He has worked on projects for Marriott International, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Leica Geosystems. A frequent NIM contributor from the audience or the stage, John is also an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales University and a co-organizer of the Drupal Providence Meetup.

Matt Medeiros

matt-medeirosMatt Medeiros is the co-founder of Slocum Studio, the host of the Matt Report WordPress podcast, and the podcast trainer at www.podcaster.how. He has produced more than 200 audio podcasts and around 400 videos in the span of five years. Also, Matt has also presented at several NIM events since its founding in 2009.

Helena Harris

helena-harrisHelena Harris is a veteran podcaster (and avid equestrian). She co-founded the Horse Radio Network in 1998 with one show and just 12 listeners. Today, HRN logs more than 10 million episode downloads each year, with subscribers in 42 countries. Additionally, Helena has hosted and produced four shows on HRN, as well as her new, independent podcast, That Newport Show, a lifestyle podcast about love, life, and adventure in Newport, Rhode Island.

That Newport Show launched in March of 2016 and is produced under the umbrella of Helena’s marketing firm, Sparkle and Boom, which provides outsourced expertise in marketing and communications. Prior to her freelance career, Helena served as a product marketing manager in the tech industry for companies like Sybase/SAP, Thomson Financial, and EBSCO Publishing. She left corporate life behind after becoming a mother. She found that working independently was a great fit for her creative spirit. Trading high rises for hay lofts, she now runs Sparkle and Boom from an office in Little Compton that looks an awful lot like a barn.

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Maximizing your Multimedia Output

Donna Mac of DMacVoice & Media shared her expert advice on how you can you bring your website alive AND help boost SEO by turning boring text into exciting audio/visual content.

At this NIM event, audiences learned how to create their own professional production with a few simple tools and techniques that will bring your market alive with exciting new content.

Audiences received advice on how to obtain a more interactive and appealing selling point through subjects like the following:

  • Importance of multimedia, such as video and podcasts
  • Responsive design and material
  • Understanding the audience
  • Authentic delivery & what to include
  • Do it yourself production overview
  • Implementing production and your final product

Meet Donna Mac

Donna Mac is a pioneering female broadcaster with live, on-air experience as a news producer, editor, and radio personality. She’s led countless events as a keynote speaker and facilitator. She’s owned DMacVoice & Media since 2003, giving her clients the ability to create high-quality multimedia products that promote businesses and educate audiences. She also coaches executives on improving their presentation skills. This way, their messages are concise and compelling, whether delivered live or virtually.

Missed this great talk? Learn more about video & visuals and more via the NIM media library!

Become a NIM $upporting member for access to the vast video library of past presentations and watch at your convenience.