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Social Media Secrets with Newport Interactive Marketers

Newport Interactive Marketers hosted a panel of social media experts to teach attendees how to optimize social media. Experts shared the best way to connect with customers through social media and discussed the most effective platforms to use.

Meet the Panel

Kathie Manchester from the Rhode Island Blood Center “I believe social media offers a positive way to talk with our donors without being intrusive. Having been in the industry long enough to see many forms of communications come and go, I am passionate about all forms of social media as a way to build long-term relationships.”

Dana Duellman & My Perfect Space Entrepreneur, consultant, Realtor “The key to having your business active in social media is to engage your fans: show them you love what you do, you are passionate about it, and rewarded every day by your experiences.  My goal with my business page – and the pages of the businesses I manage – is to put forth uplifting, pertinent information that really allows our clients to relate and benefit from our relationships.”

Moderator: Nick Brown, Community Manager at Astonish Results, a student of social media for nearly 10 years at a high-tech PR agency and at a digital marketing company focused on insurance agencies, Nick has taught social media and community-building in college classrooms and at trade show seminars. Nick brings a keen understanding of the tools, best practices, and skills necessary for successful social networking.

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