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Tonight’s ONLINE NIM is Postponed For 2 Weeks to April 2 Via ZOOM!

Dear NIM community members,


Tonight’s ONLINE NIM is postponed for 2 weeks to April 2 and will be online via Zoom. We will shift and host a discussion on rebuilding and planning. Read more for why. 


Never has anyone said I hope you are well with such sincerity … as you may know, I’m re-entering family life after being in isolation for 6 days. In late February, I was exposed to a COVID-19-positive friend and was happy to quarantine away from my family last week. 


Today, I got results — negative! 


Such a relief. But, we are not out of the woods yet. If you’ve seen any of my social media posts, I’ve been campaigning for awareness and caution to #FlattenTheCurve. I’m hopeful by making my status public, which no one is required to do, saves lives, especially health care professionals’ lives. 


As marketers, we spend much time trying to understand human behavior. Never have our skills and insights been more crucial. 


Use your influence to encourage friends, loved ones, and everyone to stay safe and vigilant. We know how the curve works — early adopters to laggards. We need to check on people to affirm their decisions to stay safe. Again #FlattenTheCurve. Some will surely see my negative results as a false alarm. This is false. 


Rhode Island leads the nation in its response. Let’s do our part as professionals to keep it that way. We all have a role to play. We are all influencers. Use your powers for good. We are all facing significant financial impact. Now we must overlook this sad fact and focus on saving our health care workers. 


I applaud the NIM community members who have been doing good and challenge us all to ask if we can do more. Is there a denier you could call? An older person to check in with? Someone who suffers from anxiety on a normal day, and no one else may know. Give that person a call. 


After not hugging my child for a week, I’m spending tonight cooking for my family and cuddling while watching her favorite cartoon. 


I wish for you to do something that’s meaningful to you. There will be plenty of time in the coming slowdown to rebuild our businesses. Now is the time to pause and focus on what really matters. 


Many many thanks to each of you for all your support of NIM over the past decade. I’m looking forward to connecting with you in our LinkedIn community https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12173740


And all the NIM talks for the past 3 years are available to $upporting Members, which is still only $99/year. Click here and go to the Sign Me Up section to access https://newportinteractivemarketing.com/members/join/ the NIM media library. 


Wishing you well and looking forward to connecting in 2 weeks on Zoom and feel free to reach out sooner. 


Be well and do good,


Click here for more details. #IsolationWisdom



Maximize MultiMedia: A Do-It-Yourself Production!

Why should you think and create multimedia? Data and metrics increasingly spotlight multimedia:

January’s Newport Interactive Marketers event left attendees feeling confident and knowledgeable about how to create a more appealing platform through multimedia. It turns out, creating multimedia can easily be done on your own. It’s not always necessary to spend thousands of dollars on something that can easily be put together with a few but important steps that Donna Mac of DMac Voice & Media was able to share with NIM attendees. So grab a pen and paper and turn your ideas into a creative multimedia creation that will quickly catch the eye of your target audience.

Did you know that 1 minute of video can account for thousands of words? Multimedia can package so much information and be displayed in a creative, attention-grabbing way. So why wouldn’t we all use media to benefit our businesses? Donna Mac asked the audience and here is what we found out:

  • Multimedia production is confusing or overwhelming
  • It seems like a daunting task to create multimedia
  • Takes too long and costs too much money

Donna engaged the audience with just how simple it can be to DO IT YOURSELF. So let’s take a look at her simple steps to managing your own multimedia production:

Multimedia pre-production

  • Choose a platform. Audio, Audio/Visual, or just Video.
  • Know the business: What is your goal and what are you “selling?”
  • Who is the audience: What will they be receptive to?
  • Know the BRAND and pick a style, whether it be professional or funny, make sure to add your flavor.
  • What will turn your audience’s attention to the video? Don’t be too lengthy, pushy, or self-centered.
  • BEGIN THE WRITING PROCESS. Who, what, when, and how. It’s your business, tell your story.
  • Keep it short, simple, and sweet. Remember to be authentic: People need to relate, so don’t sound too automated or commercial. You need to build trust, so be real.

Producing your multimedia

  • Gather your equipment: Make sure you have a quality recording device. And for visual media, make sure to have good lighting, good backgrounds, and look presentable.
  • Make sure the production is directed, whether it’s by you or someone else; you must keep it organized. Schedule your recordings in a timely fashion and make sure everything you need is recorded.
  • When recording, you want to always sound authentic, look presentable, and be true to yourself.
  • Keep in mind the background of your footage: Make sure the focus is you and that there are no distractions. Plan on multiple, so you have the best footage you can get.

Multimedia Post-Production

  • Organize and asses your footage, make sure to remove anything with continuity errors and keep the best of all the takes.
  • Piece it together: Make sure your footage makes chronological sense.
  • Add narration, pictures, background sounds, and an opening and closing – depending on the type of media.
  • IMPORTANT! REVISE: Creating media is much like writing a paper, keep in concise and error-free.

Special thanks to Donna Mac of DMac Voice & Media for sharing her years of expertise and knowledge with NIM. Donna is president and founder of DMac Voice & Media.