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NIM members gather to brainstorm and solve problems that their companies may be facing.

Gain Fresh Perspectives with Design Thinking

How Design Thinking Helps

Design thinking is a creative process that uses human-centered design in generating innovative solutions to products, businesses and services. Design thinking starts with empathy to understand the end-user/client’s needs and feelings regarding the problem. It encourages radical collaboration among team members, and uses rapid prototyping, testing and iterating in order to create the best concept/design/idea: fail early and cheaply.

Gain Strategies and Tactics for:

  • Deeper insights into clients’ needs
  • Enhanced creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Better ways to conduct brainstorming sessions
  • Finding ways to pivot quickly and cheaply

Rather than a presentation on Design Thinking, we’ll be diving in to tackle a fascinating question that has a great impact on the region. With expert leadership, you’ll actually be practicing design thinking and will be transformed by this problem-solving paradigm:

  • Discover your creative strengths
  • Apply new methods for problem-solving
  • Save time, money, & resources with rapid prototyping and feedback framework


  • Having trouble brainstorming solutions to problems for your company?
  • Need to know how to switch things up to bring in more revenue?
  • Wondering if your design is truly desirable, if it is actually feasible, or if it is even viable?

Learn the process that companies such as Airbnb, GE and Tesla are using to solve problems and create innovative products and services.

Meet our Expert, Allison Ingalsbe de Horsey!

Allison holds a B.A. from Rutgers University and an ALM from Harvard University. She has been with St. George’s School since 1994 where she has taught all levels of French and creates experiential programs for students. In 2010 she pioneered the Global Cultural Initiatives Program (GCIP), a cultural immersion program that takes place in the context of an international internship in Paris, Madrid, and London.

As the director of Signature Programs, she continues to develop experiential programs for students that allow them to learn by engaging in the real world —  the learning that happens beyond the classroom. She oversees St. George’s new initiative, SGx, a student based, highly collaborative and innovative program that uses the design thinking process to solve real-world problems. It puts empathy at the center of its process, encourages collaboration, and creativity, and rapid prototyping and testing.

Additionally, Allison works with organizations (Martin Luther King Center, City of Newport, Curie Institute, Paris, France) and schools (Brown, Salve Regina, University of Rhode Island, Millbrook School) to create and facilitate design thinking workshops, as well as to train teachers and students in the design thinking process.

How Design Thinking Turned Around Air BnB

This is an event that you will not want to miss! Join us Tuesday, August 29th from 6-9 PM! Enjoy drinks and Newport’s spectacular sunset views!

Experience three hours of non-stop brainstorming on your design thinking techniques to improve your brand’s goals.

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