Get Ready Now: How Is Privacy Changing Marketing

Data privacy, data collection, tracking, and tech tools to staying on top of changing privacy laws, and MORE.

Here’s what you’ll learn at this #NIMLive talk: 

1. How vulnerable your brands are to impending changes
2. How to prepare and prioritize, especially if you have limited resources
3. Understand how we got here so you can stay ready for additional changes

Meet Jay Murphy


Meet Jay Murphy

Trionia CEO Jay Murphy works with large and mid-sized organizations to successfully convert business imperatives to effective marketing results. He has worked with many companies including GE, Harvard University, and Janus Mutual Funds.  Jay previously worked at Sapient Corporation as a director of program management and led projects in a variety of industries including higher education, financial services, and energy. 

He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Northeastern University and a M.S. in Electric Engineering from Tufts University. He was awarded a Draper Fellowship to attend Tufts University and took doctoral-level course work at MIT in Aerospace Engineering.

As a project leader on digital marketing and measurement initiatives, Jay brings an understanding of every technical nuance with an understanding of web-based marketing you just don’t find every day. When he is not tweaking a website – Jay can be found cheering on his sons at baseball games or racing his sailboat.

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