Monetize You: Multimedia Travel Pros’ & Influencers’ Insights

August 2018

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Interested in joining the thriving movement of influencers and travel blogging but don’t know where to start? Join #NIMRI for a night of networking and hear from top travel content creators & influencers as they answer questions such as:

  • How do you gain followers?
  • What are the best platforms for travel bloggers and/or influencers in other sectors?
  • How hard is it to break into the business at this point?

Adapt their insights to help you succeed:

  • What it really takes to make money in this business
  • Gaining sponsorships & free stuff
  • Taking advantage of multiple revenue streams

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer or looking to gain sponsorships to support your enthusiastic hobby, don’t miss out on this FREE talk. The easiest way to kickstart a new adventure is to hear from the pros first.


Meet the Panelists

Tamara Gruber of We3Travel

We3Travel is designed to inspire families to explore the world by providing tips, reviews, destination information, and sample itineraries that make family vacation planning easier.

Since 2013, this family of three has been showing parents how, with a little planning and preparation, they can take kids anywhere — and have fun! From the cathedrals of Europe to the rainforests of Costa Rica to the battlefields of Gettysburg, we are raising a global citizen, one trip at a time. We3Travel was named one of the Top 20 Family Travel Blogs in 2015 by Holiday Lettings (a TripAdvisor Company).

Priscilla Pilon of Weekend in Paris

Though she travels the world, Priscilla is an admitted Paris addict. She began her career as a food and travel writer. She based her content off of her own personal trips and time spent living and working abroad. Her 20+ year passion for Paris led to the creation of the hugely successful site, Additionally, Priscilla is the Senior Travel Editor of LuxeGetaways and Contributor for Upscale Living Magazine.

Priscilla’s priority is her reader.  Often times, She states her truthful opinions and looks for the unique and unusual to recommend to them. She cherishes the many comments and letters she receives from peers and readers on how grateful they were for recommendations, advice and travel tips.

Remember, Spots fill up quickly, so be sure to register at Paid parking available in Mary Street lot across from the venue or street parking. Please note Queen Anne’s Loft is above the Thames Street Starbucks, enter from side street and up the stairs.  


Newport Interactive Marketing

Web marketing specialists welcome traditional marketers, small businesses, and beyond for quality education and great networking … right here in Newport!

Newport Interactive Marketers is

sponsored by Angles & Insights & Designated Editor


Newport Interactive Marketing’s Open Mic Tips Night

Are you looking to get free tips that will help your business thrive? Join #NIMRI and share your expertise with potential employers/clients and network with other professionals from across Southern New England. This insightful event will be full of networking, learning and sharing with other professionals from the community. Topics will include SEO, social media, and digital marketing.

If you’re looking to get to know marketers, graphic designers, SEO gurus, PR pros, project managers, developers, creatives — or just to pick up a few tips,  join us!

Experience the collective wisdom the NIM community has to offer & share your own expertise as well!

What’s involved?

1 quick 2-minute tip that would help other businesses/nonprofits. Whether it’s SEO, design, Facebook, time-savings. No PowerPoint nor anything fancy. Just an opportunity to showcase your brand and your expertise.

Feel free to invite … friends, colleagues, clients, and bosses who can benefit, too. There will be great food and drinks for purchase, and plenty of networking for free! Even if you’re not doing the marketing yourself, help optimize your team with insights from NIM.

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John Picozzi shares his best tips and tricks on free web services that you can use to help grow your brand.

20 Tips for Success: Web dev’s top picks & recs & free tools

With technology advancements moving at lightning speed, it’s important to stay up on the latest and greatest web tools that will set your business up for success. Not only a multi-presenter at NIM and national conference presenter, John Picozzi has lead web projects for household brand names. Also a JWU adjunct professor & podcaster, John will be sharing his pro tips for not only managing your website but also managing your business.

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Come with your questions and learn some helpful free services to make your tech and web life easier. In this NIM talk, you’ll learn 20 innovative tips like:

  • Which new and exciting tools and services available to you that can help your business run better.
  • How to get the most out of web services or tools.
  • Why certain tools are better than others depending on your business.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a sole entrepreneur, you won’t want to miss this FREE talk that will provide you with information you need to use web tools to your advantage. And bring your questions!

Meet John Picozzi

As a Senior Drupal Architect at Oomph, John Picozzi’s claim to fame is being the resident Drupal enthusiast. It’s important to him to be part of the Drupal community, and at-large, in every way he can. Sharing knowledge, staying curious, and trying new things is definitely the name of the game.

Additionally, John is an Acquia-certified Site Builder, Drupal podcaster, and an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI. His Drupal work includes projects for CVS Caremark, Leica Geosystems, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Marriott International. One of his favorite activities is sharing what he has learned.

After receiving his degree in web development and internet commerce from Johnson & Wales University, he was invited back to mold young minds in the Graphic Design & Digital Media department, which is something he finds really rewarding.

The growing in-house team is a Drupal force to be reckoned with, and John is proud to lead that effort. He is a co-organizer of the Drupal Providence Meetup, which takes place at Oomph, and of New England Drupal Camp. He also co-hosts the bi-weekly Talking Drupalpodcast that you should check out.


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Bryan Mason gives tips on how to boost your profits by taking advantage of pricing.

Pricing: Tips & Tricks to Boost Profits & Grow Your Brand

Feeling like you’re not in control of your business growth? However, you can get rid of these doubtful feelings by taking advantage of the aspects you do have control over, like price. Actually, You have way more control than you think. If you think you don’t, you won’t want to miss this crucial NIM talk on pricing for your products and services.

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Pricing is a critical tool in creating a successful business. Therefore, if used properly, a pricing strategy can help to drive customer behavior. In this NIM talk, you’ll learn:

  • The role of pricing in business success
  • What you need to know before setting prices
  • Which different pricing strategies are appropriate for each situation

If you are a small business owner or are involved with setting prices at your company, you won’t want to miss this FREE talk to help make your pricing profitable.

Meet Bryan Mason
Bryan Mason is a Principal of the Apollo Consulting Group. Apollo Consulting, a business consulting organization, works with small and medium-sized companies. It works to improve profitability, get more customers and improve operational efficiency. He brings over thirty years of corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience in a variety of industries. Also, he holds two degrees in Economics and is the originator of the Apollo Profit Acceleration Technique™, Apollo’s uniquely effective profit improvement process. It is simply the fasted way to increase profits. Also, he was a Volunteer Mentor for the Rhode Island Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RI-CIE). In addition, he is an active member of the Institute of Management Consultants USA and the Association of Strategic Planning. Additionally, Bryan writes a blog providing useful advice for small companies.

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Suzi Nance talking with NIM members on the ways that you can balance your personal and professional life.

Perfecting the Balancing Act: Insights on Professional & Personal Organization

Interested in starting up a new business, while still managing your other profession? Looking to gain insights into any and all aspects of organization? For many, the idea of balancing two professions at once can be daunting. However, if done right, it can be achievable and even rewarding.

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Break through this misconceived idea that juggling two professions simultaneously is unattainable. Learn the practical tools and strategies to make starting a new business doable and very rewarding from international speaker, Suzi Nance. At this FREE Newport Interactive Marketers event you’ll:

  • Create a mission statement for both professions
  • Discover cross-pollination
  • Identify scheduling opportunities
  • Implement a new action plan

Whether you’re interested in starting a new business while keeping your current job or just looking to gain insights on balancing any and all aspects of your life: Get inspired at this FREE talk.

Meet Suzi Nance

Suzi Conklin Nance is both a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Also, she is a life coach and motivational/inspirational speaker. Founder of Newport Center for Hypnotherapy, Suzi is also the second-generation President of Capitol Realty Company, a leading real estate firm in Newport RI. Here for over 50 years, her team of 6 have enjoyed the success that comes with a reputation of exceptional client service. Suzi’s broad and rich knowledge and experience allow her the credentials to speak authentically on a variety of topics. These include topics relevant to business, non-profits, student, and personal empowerment. Her passion, humor, energy, and conviction allow her the ability to transform audiences. Suzi empowers attendees with the tools to be agents of change…in their lives, their businesses, and the world!



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Turn Your Web Traffic Into Foot Traffic: Help Google Help Your Business

Fact for small- to mid-sized business: Up to 30% of visitors to your website find you from Googling aka unpaid or ORGANIC search

Don’t leave your 30% to the competition! Learn from a local expert on how to get local businesses found on Google at this FREE #NIMRI event. Learn:

  1. Your next steps to make your business easier to find on Google, Yelp, Bing, TripAdvisor & more.
  2. How Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO aka getting found online) differs from national or global SEO.
  3. How you can tell if you (or someone you’ve hired) is helping or hurting your business
  4. Which data points matter and add up to real revenue.
  5. Which free online tools can help edge out competitors.

Learn the exact steps you need to be on Google’s Page 1

Meet Mark Collins

Owner of, Mark Collins, assists clients to define their product or service niche as it relates to serving a specific customer need in the marketplace. Additionally, he develops website, blog, video, and social media content with a convincing call to action. Also, Mark works with web designers and agencies to get client(s) website to generate sufficient traffic. This can be achieved by attaining organic page one Google Local search rank. He has an experienced track record of success for getting increased traffic to small- medium-sized business websites. Hence, what makes him the ideal speaker for this presentation.

Connect with Mark on Twitter!

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Scott Indermaur discusses the best practices for using photography to your advantage in a tech-savvy world.

Get Seen! Videos & Visuals: Pro’s tips at your fingertips

Looking to amp your Instagram? How else can you capture your brand visually? How do you use those images to boost your brand online & beyond?

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Get straightforward answers to these & more from professional photographer and video specialist Scott Indermaur — plus tips & tricks you need be relevant in a world where:

  • People remember 80% of what they see vs. 20% of what they read & 10% of what they hear.
  • Instagram engagement is 10x Facebook. 71% of brands are expected to be on Instagram in 2018.
  • By 2019, video content will comprise 80% of global Internet consumption.

With visuals to show you how you’ll learn

  • How to frame your images and video for mobile consumption
  • Which digital &  social media channels and tools to use to save time
  • Tips & tricks to be motivated and keep your brand relevant
  • Strategies & processes to keep the images flowing

Whether you’re a photographer wanting to sharpen your digital edge or a thrifty entrepreneur with no budget, or simply looking to expand your personal skillset: Don’t miss this FREE talk.

Stay relevant in this ever-visual world we aim to succeed in with NIM.

To kickoff 2018 and heading into NIM’s 10th year, we welcome back professional photographer and video specialist Scott Indermaur for his 3x time speaking at NIM.

Meet Scott Indermaur

With 20+ years of photography and video experience, Scott Indermaur has built his career sharing stories through visuals. His gift lies in discovering the familiar in the exotic and the remarkable in the ordinary. Also, he is the backbone and member of the Indermaur Media team, serving clients like BCBS of Rhode Island, Black & Decker, Ryder, Land Rover and IBM,  plus titans of the financial industry. Returning to his photojournalism roots from his early days, Scott remains very involved in creating multimedia stories.

Fly over the common bumps in the photography business, whether you’re an events/wedding specialist, commercial, corporate, or a veteran photographer. Stop struggling and enjoy your business and your craft with time-tested and proven wisdom from a 25-year photography veteran who’s living the life he loves. It’s free to call.

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Christine Casper helps organizations to find their core values to reach their goals.

Emotional Intelligence’s Secret Success Strategies

Managing your emotions can become your greatest source of energy, motivation, connection, and influence.

  • Do you want to increase your effectiveness under pressure?
  • Enhance your creativity?
  • Or maximize human capital?

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Now, more than ever, leaders, organizations, “marketers” and individuals need an understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence (EI). To succeed in today’s chaotic and changing world, you have to understand yourself and how you interact with others.

Organizations that focus on Emotional Intelligence skills nurture people, engage their minds and hearts, and attain and sustain a path of excellence, and profitability for all stakeholders. Only then will organizations be able to truly align their core values with culture to achieve strategic results.

Seizing the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence will enable you to:

  • Make wise decisions
  • Influence others
  • Transform the work environment
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals
  • Enhance interpersonal skills
  • Manage conflict

Meet our Emotional Intelligence Expert, Christine Mockler Casper!

Christine Casper received her MBA from Northeastern University and a Certification in Emotional Intelligence. Author of the award-winning book, From Now on With Passion — A Guide to Emotional Intelligence, her most recent book is Breaking Corporate Silence — How High-Influence Leaders Create Cultures of Voice.

Christine is the founder of Communication, Motivation & Management, and is a Keynote, Executive Coach, and Trainer. In the past, she has held an executive position supporting the Sales Force at Honeywell. She currently works with executives, leaders, and individual contributors to challenge, inspire, and develop their professional and personal performance to maximize business results. Her firm has provided consulting, coaching, design, and training programs for more than 450 leading corporations and 500,000 individuals.

Missed this great talk? Learn more about video & visuals and more via the NIM media library!

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Founder Suzanne McDonald Wins Top 10 Groundbreakers Award

Newport Interactive Marketers founder Suzanne McDonald is recognized for her professional work in digital marketing by Newport Life Magazine

Suzanne McDonald was one of the Newport County residents who won the magazine’s Top 10 Groundbreakers award.

The Groundbreakers award is given to individuals in Newport County, Rhode Island who have made a positive impact in their field. The categories for Groundbreakers are Community Leader, Educator, Professional, and Volunteer and the awards are nomination-based.

Suzanne earned the Groundbreakers award for the professional category.


Below is an excerpt of Suzanne’s nomination submitted by Betty Ann Czech of Newport Tourist Products, LLC:

Q: Why do you feel this person should be recognized as one of Newport Life Magazine’s Top 10 Groundbreakers? Please provide as much information and details as possible as it will help us determine our award winners.

A: Suzanne McDonald broke new ground by founding and continuing to grow the only area organization focused on educating professionals, at no cost, about the newest digital marketing tools and techniques to increase their business and, thereby, provide businesses needing marketing with a better informed, skilled cadre of digital marketers and improve the local economy. It’s especially helpful for small businesses that do not have funds to employ an in-house or contract digital marketer.

Suzanne’s concept is to bring together professionals, who want to know about groundbreaking multi-media marketing, in the low-key, pitch-free, friendly environment of Newport restaurants. Meetings start with one hour of networking over hors d’oeuvres that the restaurant provides. The next hour+ features one or several speakers, followed by Q&A.  Speakers share expertise in such topics as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), podcasting, maximizing multimedia use, reasonable cost for website development, and achieving high return on investment (ROI) from marketing efforts.

“Open Mic Tip Nights” invited attendees to share their favorite digital marketing advice. At the innovative “Flash Talks,” a panel shared 5-10-minute tips and news to improve businesses and the community.  Attendees have also been informed about URI’s Business Engagement Center, and a networking event partnered with the Newport County Chamber of Commerce, the Public Relations Society of America, and the RI chapter of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.

Suzanne, who also founded and owns two marketing companies, Designated Editor and Angles & Insights, puts her skills to good use by having developed the NIM website that promotes meetings and describes all past NIM programs. Also, a mass email system alerts potential attendees to meetings and provides an online reservation form. Suzanne’s marketing savvy also results in program titles like “Facebook Advertising Secrets,” “Harness 8 Principles of the Digital Revolution,” and “Drive More Leads and Sales: What Works & Doesn’t.”

A testament to NIM’s value is that average attendance has grown from about 8 in mid-2010 to dozens by the end of the 2010 with a record of more than to 120+. Throughout this success, Suzanne is the same modest, warm-hearted leader whom I first met at a NIM meeting in 2010.

NIMRI July networking Hotel Viking

Suzanne at Newport Interactive Marketers’ annual summer networking event at Hotel Viking in Newport, RI

Q: How do you know, or know about, this individual?

A: I know Suzanne from attending NIM meetings. For me, NIM is Continuing Ed! NIM programs launched me into the high-tech world of Google Analytics, search engine optimization, social media and other “today” topics. This is helpful for growing my Newport Tourist Products business, which publishes a Newport tourist map and provides tour guides for motor coach and private tours. Industry professionals like Google AdWords experts, web developers, and graphic designers freely share proprietary information – whether speaking or contributing during Q&A – in the spirit of strengthening the NIM community overall. Many attendees have grown their businesses via strategic partnerships and collaborating to better serve clients on the island and internationally.

Suzanne finds expert speakers, many of whom speak at major industry events internationally (costing thousands to attend), to present at NIM for free, curating their expertise to best meet the needs of small businesses in Newport and beyond. Speakers include #InstagramExpert Sue B. Zimmerman, SEO expert author of “The Art of SEO” Eric Enge, AdWords expert Ted Ives, and many more.

She also engages many local experts to speak, luring them into the local community to share best practices that their Fortune 1000 companies have discovered. Also, Suzanne shares insights gained from the half-dozen professional conferences she attends each year.

As NIM approaches its 10th year, Suzanne continually seeks to support businesses, nonprofits and solopreneurs and is planning a major education event to help professionals become or stay informed about new marketing developments.

Q: What awards has this person won, if any?

A: [link to Suzanne’s LinkedIn]

  • 2014 Internet / New Media Company of the Year 
honor description
 Designated Editor: Gold winner – Internet / New Media Company of the Year

 Suzanne McDonald, Founder/CEO: Silver winner – Innovator of the Year, 
Silver winner – Executive of the Year – Internet/New Media 
honor date
Sep 2014 
honor issuer
International Business Awards
  • Upstart of 2014 – Gold winner 
honor description
 “Recognizing the individual who’s had the most influence on the Tech and New Media industries in the U.S.A.” Suzanne McDonald 
honor date 
Jun 2014 
honor issuer
 American Business Awards
  • INNOVATOR of the YEAR – Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations and Business Services (Silver) 
honor description 
Innovator of the Year – Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations and Business Services – Silver, Suzanne McDonald. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide.
  • 2013 EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS AWARDS – Microbusiness of the Year 
honor description
 The Excellence in Business Awards is presented annually to honor outstanding business achievement in Newport County, RI. They are designed to celebrate the achievements of our businesses and to recognize the vital role they play in the economic well-being of our community. 
honor date
 May 2013 
honor issuer
Newport County Chamber of Commerce
  • SILVER STEVIE WINNER Female Executive of the Year – Business Services 
honor description 
The Stevie Awards were created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and business people worldwide. Our mission is to raise the profile of exemplary organizations and individuals among the press, the business community and the general public. In short order the Stevie has become one of the world’s most coveted awards. 
honor date
Nov 2012 
honor issuer
Stevie Awards for Women in Business.
Suzanne McDonald accepts International Business Award 'Internet New Media Company of the Year' award pose 5

Suzanne McDonald accepts International Business Award ‘Internet New Media Company of the Year’ award in Paris, France 2014

Q: What else should we know about this nominee? (For example, do they have children, did they put themselves through school, face hardship etc.)

A: Suzanne is all about staying on top of the fast-changing world of marketing on the Web and sharing that information so others can also be on the cutting edge.

What’s especially remarkable about Suzanne is that she launched NIM when she was launching her own first business, Designated Editor. More recently, she created a “sister” business. Angles & Insights. Also impressive is that Suzanne is an example of reinventing oneself: she is a former Boston Globe journalist who has acquired new skills to leverage her writing skills into the marketing realm. Suzanne also has shared her knowledge and skills as an adjunct professor of Social Media Strategies at the University of Rhode Island and Writing for Online & Social Media & Event Planning & New Media at Framingham State University and Salve Regina University.

Providing opportunities to students and recent grads has been a commitment throughout Suzanne’s decade of entrepreneurship. Where many have relied on offshore talent, Suzanne has mentored dozens of students from URI, Framingham State University, Salve Regina, and more. As paid interns, many of them credit working with Suzanne as providing the skills they needed to become marketing/communications professionals: working at agencies in New York City, as journalists, or in media relations.

Her pioneering “teaching hospital model” requires additional organization and effort, but Suzanne feels these opportunities are crucial as most higher-ed curricula can’t keep up with the pace of marketing technology.

Suzanne is also a mom and manages her micro-agency while dedicating 2 days a week to her daughter, Elise, age 4.

Currently, Suzanne is leading the launch of the Montessori Aquidneck Co-op School, along with several parents who are feeling the pressure of where to start kindergarten this fall. Elise is due to start in 2018. Suzanne is committed to “quality, affordable education that works for working families.” This is another example of Suzanne’s generous spirit.

Thank you, Betty Ann and Newport Life Magazine for the award!

Newport Life Magazine is the only lifestyle magazine dedicated to Newport County. Since 1993, it has showcased all that is unique about the City-by-the-Sea, from its people and places to its events, history and of course its distinctive lifestyle. Newport Life Magazine strives to educate its readers about Newport County’s distinctive history, as well as the remarkable events that occur today.

NIM members gather to brainstorm and solve problems that their companies may be facing.

Gain Fresh Perspectives with Design Thinking

How Design Thinking Helps

Design thinking is a creative process that uses human-centered design in generating innovative solutions to products, businesses and services. Design thinking starts with empathy to understand the end-user/client’s needs and feelings regarding the problem. It encourages radical collaboration among team members, and uses rapid prototyping, testing and iterating in order to create the best concept/design/idea: fail early and cheaply.

Gain Strategies and Tactics for:

  • Deeper insights into clients’ needs
  • Enhanced creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Better ways to conduct brainstorming sessions
  • Finding ways to pivot quickly and cheaply

Rather than a presentation on Design Thinking, we’ll be diving in to tackle a fascinating question that has a great impact on the region. With expert leadership, you’ll actually be practicing design thinking and will be transformed by this problem-solving paradigm:

  • Discover your creative strengths
  • Apply new methods for problem-solving
  • Save time, money, & resources with rapid prototyping and feedback framework


  • Having trouble brainstorming solutions to problems for your company?
  • Need to know how to switch things up to bring in more revenue?
  • Wondering if your design is truly desirable, if it is actually feasible, or if it is even viable?

Learn the process that companies such as Airbnb, GE and Tesla are using to solve problems and create innovative products and services.

Meet our Expert, Allison Ingalsbe de Horsey!

Allison holds a B.A. from Rutgers University and an ALM from Harvard University. She has been with St. George’s School since 1994 where she has taught all levels of French and creates experiential programs for students. In 2010 she pioneered the Global Cultural Initiatives Program (GCIP), a cultural immersion program that takes place in the context of an international internship in Paris, Madrid, and London.

As the director of Signature Programs, she continues to develop experiential programs for students that allow them to learn by engaging in the real world —  the learning that happens beyond the classroom. She oversees St. George’s new initiative, SGx, a student based, highly collaborative and innovative program that uses the design thinking process to solve real-world problems. It puts empathy at the center of its process, encourages collaboration, and creativity, and rapid prototyping and testing.

Additionally, Allison works with organizations (Martin Luther King Center, City of Newport, Curie Institute, Paris, France) and schools (Brown, Salve Regina, University of Rhode Island, Millbrook School) to create and facilitate design thinking workshops, as well as to train teachers and students in the design thinking process.

How Design Thinking Turned Around Air BnB

This is an event that you will not want to miss! Join us Tuesday, August 29th from 6-9 PM! Enjoy drinks and Newport’s spectacular sunset views!

Experience three hours of non-stop brainstorming on your design thinking techniques to improve your brand’s goals.

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