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Desired Results Require Effective Delegation

Next up: Productivity expert Margo Crawford Guides us through effective delegation for yourself, your brand, and your future. Be ready to Help more clients with systems that scale.  Like never before your current or near-future knowhow will soon be in greatest demand. Interactive / digital / virtual / remote / online will carry many brands […]

Tonight’s ONLINE NIM is Postponed For 2 Weeks to April 2 Via ZOOM!

Dear NIM community members,   Tonight’s ONLINE NIM is postponed for 2 weeks to April 2 and will be online via Zoom. We will shift and host a discussion on rebuilding and planning. Read more for why.    Never has anyone said I hope you are well with such sincerity … as you may know, […]

Decoding Your Branding: Lock Down Your Pitch and Unlock Positive Reviews

Decoding Your Branding: Lock Down Your Pitch and Unlock Positive Reviews The following content is accessible for members only, please sign in. How many times have you tried to explain what your brand is about and you can see the deer in the headlights or the glaze over even before you get to the interesting […]

Learn A Quick Trick to Getting Your Local Business Found Online

  Sign in below to watch the expert talk!   Worried about being found on Google? Don’t have a lot of time nor money? Have you lost control of your Google My Business listing? Join the Newport Interactive Marketing networking-learning community to hear fast-track your way to getting found with Google’s version of the Yellow […]

Email with Impact: Optimizing Your Emails with Personalization

In 2020, consumers want to be seen less as the target audience and more as an individual. In fact, brands that personalize promotional marketing emails earn 11% higher open rates than those that don’t personalize. Companies must find the perfect combination of being relevant and personalized to attract & maintain the attention of their consumers.  […]

Spend Wisely: Big-Brand Insights to Move YOUR Needle

June 2019 As we enter the 2020s, it is now undeniable that digital marketing and social media are going to be at the forefront of business. Actually, that’s already the case, and if you’re not already optimizing your digital marketing strategies, then that means you are getting left behind.   But it’s not too late! […]

How to Shoot and Edit Effective Videos

How to Effectively Balance Personal & Professional Accounts CEO of Angles and Insights Suzanne McDonald spoke to undergraduate Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Ab tempore dolores corrupti voluptates fugit, ullam repudiandae modi possimus eum ea qui. Nihil unde voluptates est distinctio omnis dolor vel enim! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing […]