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“Ticks vs. Humans: Can Social Media Crush Pathogens?” at SXSW Interactive 2014

NIM Founder and Designated Editor Founder Suzanne McDonald and Dacia Daly from the Tick Encounter Research Center, have put in a proposal to speak at SXSW Interactive 2014. Their talk, “Ticks vs. Humans: Can Social Media Crush Pathogens,” discusses how college interns and professionals in social media and public health collaborated on a pilot research […]

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

On Tuesday, August 13th, WordPress expert Matt Medeiros highlighted “Must-Have WordPress Plugins” to the Newport Interactive Marketers audience at the International Yacht Restoration School. To better understand the difference, Matt explained the relationship between a website, WordPress, and plugins in this analogy: Website : iPhone WordPress : iOs software Plugins : Apps Before installing, make […]

Social Media Agency Secrets

Ana Raynes of Inceptor was spreading secrets this May about ways to hook your followers through social media. Because of Ana’s agency background, she was able to enlighten audiences on many ways to obtain ROI through simple strategies of social media. A native of Colombia, educated in fashion design at the London College of Fashion, […]

Analyzing Google Analytics With BU Instructor Jay Murphy

  Missed March’s NIM Analyzing Google Analytics? Jay Murphy dug into Google Analytics, showing NIM attendees how they can see who is coming to their websites and engaging with them. With this valuable information, brands can provide more specific information that attracts a greater number of followers. Why it’s important to know who is following […]

Know Before Paying for Web Services

In February, website developer Francisco Samuel explained to NIM what we’re doing right, wrong, and what we could be doing better. We learned how to avoid being overcharged on development, domains, and hosting. We also found out the secrets to search engine optimization with quick tips on how to enhance your website without getting cheated out […]

Maximize MultiMedia: A Do-It-Yourself Production!

Why should you think and create multimedia? Data and metrics increasingly spotlight multimedia: YouTube is the #2 search engine. Pinterest’s unique visitors increased by 2,702.2% between May 2011 and November 2012, according to Ultralinx. According Visual.ly, Instagram hit 80 million users and counting in August 2012. According to Facebook’s best practices, “posts including a photo album, a […]